Meaning of the big stick in English:

the big stick

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  • The use or threat of force or power.

    • ‘the authorities used quiet persuasion instead of the big stick’
    • ‘It is now panicking and waving the big stick of the threat to cap, which is something it said it would not do.’
    • ‘They don't need a big stick or a royal warning to force them - they know it makes good business sense.’
    • ‘Does he use a big stick or does he have extraordinary powers of motivation?’
    • ‘He said: ‘This is another attempt to be seen to be using a big stick when what we need is to properly resource social work departments.’’
    • ‘To be tough on sick absence you need to tackle the root causes rather than adopting a crude big stick approach.’
    • ‘I've been beaten around with a big stick by the media in England.’
    • ‘But the soft-speaking only works if the other side understands that there is a willingness to use the big stick.’
    • ‘Bad people need the big stick, not counselling.’
    • ‘They take the big stick out whenever there's a problem.’
    • ‘‘The way forward is to not to get a big stick but to say that equal opportunities makes good business sense,’ she said.’