Meaning of the corridors of power in English:

the corridors of power

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  • The senior levels of government or administration.

    ‘he will be a considerable influence in the corridors of power, particularly when it comes to private legislation’
    • ‘No matter what, the Federation are the people who do carry considerable influence in the corridors of power.’
    • ‘He was a powerful man who in the last administration was very close to the corridors of power and could walk in and out of State House at anytime.’
    • ‘Efforts were underway in the corridors of power to encourage the administration to shelve the report as a bad idea from a previous administration.’
    • ‘Apart from a short break in the early 1990s, when he spent four years working for the governor of Hong Kong, the corridors of power at Westminster have been his hunting ground.’
    • ‘Inside the corridors of power, the question is not if we should build new ones, but how long the politicians can hold off before informing the public of an inevitable reality.’
    • ‘Councillors are our direct conduits to the corridors of power, and we should make every effort to use them to our advantage and to make them earn their allowances.’
    • ‘When you have a government led by small minded technocrats with inflated egos and big ideas, is it any wonder that there exists a disconnect between the corridors of power and the real world.’
    • ‘Further, one of his main tenets is that this belief, time after time, has been shown as blatantly illogical, and yet it continues to predominate in the corridors of power.’
    • ‘The revelations which emerged from the Prime Ministerial lips will surely send aftershocks of controversy echoing along the corridors of power for years to come.’
    • ‘We the country, the education system, our children - simply can't afford such small-minded shuffling in the corridors of power.’


    From the name of C. P. Snow's novel The Corridors of Power (1964).