Meaning of thé dansant in English:

thé dansant

nounplural noun thés dansants/ˌteɪ dɒ̃ˈsɒ̃/ /te dɑ̃sɑ̃/

French term for tea dance
‘Or perhaps such a Jerusalem, with its chandeliers and thés dansants, existed only in the dreams of the librarians, schoolteachers, clerks, and bookbinders who lived in Kerem Avraham.’
  • ‘We could enjoy thés dansants there; and my friends and I gave the very first sherry party in Newnham in 1934.’
  • ‘Princess Alix used sometimes to be allowed as a great treat to appear at thés dansants which were given for Princess Irene, and in the years 1886-1887 she began to see something of the young people of Darmstadt.’


thé dansant

/ˌteɪ dɒ̃ˈsɒ̃/ /te dɑ̃sɑ̃/