Meaning of the debit side in English:

the debit side


  • The unsatisfactory aspect of a situation.

    ‘on the debit side, they predict a rise in book prices’
    • ‘It is fitting to talk of the credit side and the debit side of his reign.’
    • ‘On the debit side: declining markets, infrastructure out of tune with modern world, ageing personnel, declining motivation levels among junior staff, inability to respond creatively to the demands of a changing market.’
    • ‘On the debit side, commitments elsewhere mean that Dravid, who has scored 6452 runs in one-day internationals and 5614 in tests, will miss the first three or four weeks of the new season.’
    • ‘I realized this had the makings of a transcendent adolescent moment - which, on the debit side, was being experienced in the company of my mother.’
    • ‘On the debit side, I find the new smaller script hard to read.’
    • ‘On the debit side, it is over two years since he last won a race, so he may not be one to rely on implicitly, but he certainly deserves a chance to shine here.’
    • ‘On the debit side, Butler received his fifth booking of the season and will serve an automatic one-match ban.’
    • ‘On the debit side, some may find a little too much repetition, as when the origin of the term ‘suffragette’ is explained twice within a few pages.’
    • ‘On the debit side, a number of discrepancies detract from an otherwise riveting biography.’
    • ‘On the debit side this is not one for the ‘instant’ gardener, it definitely won't flower until the second year after planting and may take even longer if you plant them too deep.’