Meaning of the evil eye in English:

the evil eye


  • A gaze or stare superstitiously believed to cause harm.

    ‘he gave me the evil eye as I walked past’
    • ‘About half of Bulgarians believe in telepathy, the evil eye and black magic, and that dreams can be prophetic.’
    • ‘The superstitious belief in the evil eye is ancient and widespread, though certainly not universal.’
    • ‘Nor does he believe in the evil eye, bad omen, and that kind of stuff.’
    • ‘It is believed that the evil eye can be counteracted by many different protective and curative measures.’
    • ‘I met one who said he was a white magic man, that he undid the evil eye and black magic spells, got rid of mischief from co-wives and restored potency to men.’
    • ‘The misconceptions include black magic, witchcraft, evil eye and being possessed by a spirit.’
    • ‘Many Tamils also worship village deities, and believe in such popular superstitions as spirits and the evil eye.’
    • ‘Before then, it might have been witchcraft or the evil eye.’
    • ‘He could tell she didn't believe him, and began to give him the evil eye.’
    • ‘Male children are believed to be particularly vulnerable to the evil eye.’