Meaning of the game's not worth the candle in English:

the game's not worth the candle


  • The potential advantages to be gained from doing something do not justify the cost or trouble involved.

    ‘she may decide the game's not worth the candle and walk away from the discussions’
    • ‘they may find that aggressive expansion is not worth the candle’
    • ‘What Lindsay Anderson called poetic naturalism, or what we're trying to accomplish - dense, indicative realism presented as a collage - is easily dismissed as not worth the candle.’
    • ‘I've always thought that if you have to work at it and you're not happy, it's not worth the candle.’
    • ‘Mr Curry reckons that the minor powers on offer to the mini-parliaments are not worth the candle, so people of Yorkshire and elsewhere should vote against it.’
    • ‘Too often entry to university is easy and many degrees are not worth the candle.’
    • ‘Shinty should cherish him while it can or he might just decide the game is not worth the candle.’
    • ‘The conditions and concessions almost made the game not worth the candle, but cumulative frustration brought Russia to declare war in April 1877.’
    • ‘They should have looked at the bottom line and said civilisation was not worth the candle.’
    • ‘'Taxwise, it is just not worth the candle any more,' said a source in Bank of Ireland.’