Meaning of the how and why in English:

the how and why


  • The methods and reasons for doing something.

    ‘tonight's edition demystifies the how and why of television ratings’
    • ‘To find out the how and why - and whether - we have to go further back, to the 1880s, when London's and Europe's intellectuals were beset with doubt and anomie.’
    • ‘That confidence has to be regained, and lengthy explanations about the how and why of Manila's response to the hostage crisis won't be enough.’
    • ‘When I had finished reading the letter I was no more informed of the how and why of it all than when I'd stepped off onto the platform, but at least I knew the order of play now.’
    • ‘I think it should be a part of every high school curriculum, as well as compulsory education in the how and why of our electoral process.’
    • ‘She can have anything she wants or needs if she'll just find the author, find the story behind it, the how and why.’
    • ‘This is a fascinating book on the how and why of bird song and includes a cd that accompanies the text in the appendix.’
    • ‘There have been lot of analyses on the how and why of this phenomenon.’
    • ‘It's difficult to comprehend the how and why of this state of affairs.’
    • ‘It would take many lifetimes to explore the how and why of nature, and our human existence.’
    • ‘You have to investigate the how and why of the problem.’