Meaning of the land of Nod in English:

the land of Nod


  • A state of sleep.

    ‘the tape is guaranteed to send babies and toddlers to the land of Nod’
    • ‘I fought off the sleep interruption and went back to the land of Nod.’
    • ‘I want to stay where it is safe, lost in the sleepy, dreamy land of Nod.’
    • ‘May dreams of the fearless left-winger escort you to the land of Nod.’
    • ‘I left, drank my hot chocolate and so to bed with disappointed musings as I drifted off to the land of Nod.’
    • ‘The elements that will transport some viewers into raptures will no doubt merely send others into the land of Nod, but it is well worth surrendering to the film's hypnotic spell.’
    • ‘Now researchers are finding that the land of Nod may be especially difficult to reach for women.’
    sleep, slumber, land of Nod


    Punningly, with biblical allusion to the place name Nod (Gen. 4:16).