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the last word

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  • 1The final or definitive pronouncement on or decision about a subject.

    ‘he's always determined to have the last word’
    • ‘they always left the last word to the editor herself’
    • ‘That there is only one of Him is not just a first approximation, it is also the last word on the subject, and it makes the concept of Godhead a notably tense one.’
    • ‘It is unlikely to provide the last word on the subject, but its findings will have a huge effect on the alternative health industry either way.’
    • ‘No one person may always have the last word just for the sake of having the last word.’
    • ‘Ailsa would have the last word on that count: Norman missed the 54-hole cut.’
    • ‘In the end, however, randomness will have the last word; and therefore the sole solution left to us is dignity.’
    • ‘And yet it is difficult to get this message across when journalists themselves always have the last word.’
    • ‘She stands her ground in an argument, she likes to have the last word but at the same time she can be very compliant and wants to please.’
    • ‘And on this it is I, together with my colleagues in the Commons, who will have the last word.’
    • ‘That is why York residents must have the last word on their redevelopment.’
    final decision, summation, final statement, definitive statement, conclusive comment
    concluding remark, final remark, final say, closing statement, parting shot, Parthian shot
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  • 2The finest or most modern, fashionable, or advanced example of something.

    ‘the spa is the last word in luxury and efficiency’
    • ‘Do you think salt-and-pepper is the last word in style, or would you rather dye than reveal your roots - and your age?’
    • ‘This was back in the days when Genesis were considered to be the last word in cool by a certain strata of English youth.’
    • ‘Spread across five-storeys, it's perhaps the last word in quality, style and taste.’
    • ‘This is almost the last word in Scots renaissance detailing, but it would take a lot of work to make it feel like a real home’
    • ‘Charlotte Square is the last word in Georgian elegance, but on a November afternoon it's an underpopulated place.’
    • ‘It's the last word in dramatic decadence, rippling with eroticism.’
    • ‘Treatments here are the last word in relaxation and cover just about everything you can imagine and much else you might only have dreamed of.’
    • ‘Is it still the last word in the vital, thrusting youth culture?’
    • ‘The company whose locomotive pulled it could boast that it was a state of the art vehicle, the last word in design and comfort.’
    • ‘Composting is the last word in recycling and great for cutting emissions.’
    the best, the peak, the acme, the epitome, the quintessence, the most fashionable, the most up to date, the latest, the newest
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