Meaning of the minute that — in English:

the minute that —


  • As soon as.

    ‘let me know the minute he returns’
    • ‘I regretted it all from the minute I saw it in the mirror until the minute it had fully grown back.’
    • ‘But, the minute Doc put pen to paper, it became politicised in the way that he frames and describes it.’
    • ‘Most sows are sent to the slaughter house the minute they can't reproduce babies.’
    • ‘The clear message is: make sure the minute you experience these feelings, you call the helpline.’
    • ‘There is usually plenty of heat the minute you walk outside the door of a tapas bar, provided you are in Spain and not Scotland.’
    • ‘Now, as anyone who knows me will attest, the minute you make me an Official, I take my duties very seriously.’
    • ‘But the minute the Americans pressed forward, they were fired at from another angle.’
    • ‘The original scared me to death the minute I heard the title spoken aloud.’
    • ‘However the minute I was inside the shop I felt very self conscious and wrong.’
    • ‘She was so scared of her family's reaction that she hid the pregnancy from it until the minute she went into labour.’
    at present, at the moment, at the present moment, at the present time, now, currently, this minute, presently