Meaning of the penny dropped in English:

the penny dropped


informal mainly British
  • Used to indicate that someone has finally realized something.

    • ‘I was about to ask Jack who it was, when the penny suddenly dropped’
    • ‘Frequently we would find ourselves in situations where we were being delayed for hours on end, until the penny dropped and it finally became clear that the only way to move on was by crossing palms with silver.’
    • ‘Finally the penny dropped - the thought of being embarrassed in front of the elite coaches and players of English rugby frightened me to death.’
    • ‘Suddenly the penny dropped when some of the more familiar names were just a bit too familiar.’
    • ‘Then when I called her up the penny dropped that this was the Kathy I had known at school.’
    • ‘Hasn't the penny dropped yet for these clever customers?’
    • ‘At some time over the past few weeks, the penny dropped.’
    • ‘Then the penny dropped and the fun began as we tried to translate all the weird, wonderful phonetic spellings of the dishes on offer.’
    • ‘I was treated for depression for two years before the penny dropped.’
    • ‘It was about that time that I noticed the stubble on her co-worker's chin, and again the penny dropped.’