Meaning of the silent majority in English:

the silent majority

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  • The majority of people, regarded as holding moderate opinions but rarely expressing them.

    ‘it is vital to get the silent majority to stand up and be counted’
    • ‘We've been called the silent majority but the key word here is majority.’
    • ‘‘This is a most regrettable decision and accepting the fact they have put the document out to publication, they have chosen to ignore the silent majority of patients,’ he said.’
    • ‘Fleming laments that existing surveys and studies have documented something about the vocal minority, but almost nothing about the silent majority.’
    • ‘They might not be the silent majority, but they are quite possibly a substantial minority who just might decide this election.’
    • ‘A little restraint will also help to listen more carefully to the disquieting, but meaningful, silence of the silent majority.’
    • ‘However his experience suggests that noise nuisance is no longer being tolerated - and that is excellent news for the silent majority.’
    • ‘They are the silent majority who have never spoken until now.’
    • ‘So no one knows what the silent majority really thinks.’
    • ‘Could this pick up the protest vote from the silent majority?’
    • ‘This now begs the question, is it time for the silent majority to get off the fence and let its voice be heard?’