Meaning of the spirit world in English:

the spirit world


  • (in animistic and occult belief) the non-physical realm in which disembodied spirits have their existence.

    ‘Many, he said, were attracted to the occult simply by curiosity, and then by a desire to investigate the proof it offered of the existence of the spirit world.’
    • ‘Korean shamans communicated with the spirit world.’
    • ‘Jesus is now a spirit that one can communicate with in the spirit world.’
    • ‘Another tool that Twain provides for Jim on his quest for freedom is the latter's belief in the spirit world.’
    • ‘The article goes on to detail how to read the future in a lampshade, contact your spiritual guides and ask the spirit world to get you the job you want.’
    • ‘It attracts many as a kind of shamanistic ritual to enter the spirit world.’
    • ‘I know many people who converse with the spirit world on a regular basis and all these people I have had contact with in the last few years have made me realise what my faith really is.’
    • ‘Without any direct human help, the table tipped from side to side - and the students were in contact with the spirit world.’
    • ‘Of course there is ‘evidence’ that not all the people who pass into the spirit world will have a good time.’
    • ‘So it's almost like there is an opening, an opportunity, to communicate with the spirit world.’