Meaning of the struggle for existence in English:

the struggle for existence


(also the struggle for life)
  • The competition between organisms, especially as an element in natural selection, or between people seeking a livelihood.

    ‘every adaptation had to offer an advantage to the organism in the struggle for existence’
    • ‘War was natural among humans because it was an instance of the struggle for existence.’
    • ‘Nature, in Darwin's view, did the same thing through the struggle for existence: he called it ‘natural selection.’’
    • ‘Once again the magic words ‘natural selection’ do not appear, but the struggle for existence with the stronger winning is very clear.’
    • ‘By the time of his death in 2001 at age 12, he had become, in Nelson Mandela's words, ‘an icon of the struggle for life.’’
    • ‘Slowly however, her senses were beginning to stray from her and Sydney was finding it increasingly difficult to win the struggle for life.’
    • ‘Indeed, ‘in the struggle for life, a taste for truth is a luxury’, even a ‘disability’.’
    • ‘Life in one form or another is very plentiful in the pack, and the struggle for existence here as elsewhere is a fascinating subject of study.’
    • ‘Carroll's crocodile, all tooth and claw, signifies other things: amorality, the struggle for existence, predation of the weaker by the stronger.’
    • ‘They lost out in the struggle for existence and produced no offspring.’
    • ‘The assurance of gain, or the expectation of it in the future, is the rallying point in the struggle for existence.’