Meaning of the whole nine yards in English:

the whole nine yards


informal mainly North American
  • Everything possible or available.

    • ‘send in the troops, aircraft, nuclear submarine experts, the whole nine yards’
    • ‘We actually fall in love and everything, the whole nine yards.’
    • ‘On a much happier note, Liza's show at Royal Albert Hall was a smashing success: standing ovations, screaming fans, the whole nine yards.’
    • ‘The Oratorians have maintained Gregorian chant, polyphony, Latin, the whole nine yards, and it is usually packed for a Sunday high mass.’
    • ‘I look at their social skills, their vision, their creativity, their business acumen, the whole nine yards.’
    • ‘I mean, if you're gonna be honest, why not go the whole nine yards?’
    • ‘You could even go the whole nine yards and come up with a song title for the new band, but it's not necessary.’
    • ‘For buyers who don't want to go the whole nine yards and get the finished bonus room, his firm also offers a $500 pull down stair to a completely unfinished area.’
    • ‘I travelled first class (but I didn't pay for first class - thanks to an kindly train official) - meal, wine - the whole nine yards.’
    • ‘So I'm thinking of proposing to my girlfriend at the big game, complete with a scoreboard message, the ‘fan cam,’ the whole nine yards.’
    • ‘She nodded, with a nervous laugh, ‘Marriage, house, kids, the whole nine yards.’’