Meaning of the Word in English:

the Word


(also the Word of God)
  • 1The Bible, or a part of it.

    ‘What does the Word of God warn about replacing Bible Truth with human tradition?’
    • ‘The revelation of God is found in the Word of God, the gospel enshrined in the scriptures, and all claims for revelation must be brought back and tested there.’
    • ‘The members of that Bible study stood on the authority of the Word of God.’
    • ‘Do we measure other views by God's Word, or do we attempt to verify the Bible by the views of others?’
    • ‘In one of my classes we work on oral interpretations of the Word with seminarians.’
    • ‘They are a new community centered around the teachings of the Word and the breaking of bread.’
    • ‘We want to see another reformation in the church and so we are calling the church back to the Word of God, starting with the very first verse.’
    • ‘The First Reformation gave the Word of God back to the people.’
    • ‘Does the Word of God plainly say that faith without works is a dead faith?’
    • ‘However, remember that very few archaeologists are Christians and most would reject the historicity and authority of the Word of God.’
  • 2Jesus Christ.

    ‘For Torrance, too, God's revelation, the Word of God is Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘Other positions are more centred on Jesus Christ as the Word of God, who gives his distinctive teaching and example - often very different from the prevailing ethos.’
    • ‘Jesus Christ, being the Word made flesh through the divine power of God, is what a real believer should know.’
    • ‘In short, Christ as the Word is associated both with creation and with redemption.’
    • ‘For Barth, Jesus Christ as the enfleshed Word of God is the basis for the doctrine of the Trinity.’
    • ‘Christ, as redemptive person and Word of God, is not to be encapsulated once-for-all in the historical Jesus.’
    • ‘The Christian clings to that living and incarnate Word, in whom salvation is to be found.’
    • ‘John's gospel offers deep reflection on the nature and meaning of Jesus as the revelatory Word of God.’
    • ‘Jesus Christ, as he is testified to us in the Holy Scripture, is the one Word of God, whom we are to hear, whom we are to trust and obey in life and in death.’