Meaning of theatregoer in English:



See theatre-going

  • ‘I still recommend it unreservedly to all inquisitive theatregoers.’
  • ‘She is phenomenally talented and really must not be missed by any serious theatregoer.’
  • ‘I would imagine that the great majority of theatregoers haven't read Proust.’
  • ‘Stark motifs of injustice, redemption, and the question of whether religion works for the betterment or detriment of mankind captivate theatergoers every step of the way.’
  • ‘In the end, you will hear fellow theatergoers weeping all around you, the sound muffled only by that of your own cathartic sobbing.’
  • ‘Even the most avid theatregoer can struggle when it comes to Shakespearean language, for the simple fact that it is unfamiliar.’