Meaning of theatricality in English:


Pronunciation /θɪˌatrɪˈkalɪti/

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mass noun
  • 1The quality of being exaggerated and excessively dramatic.

    ‘the drama and theatricality of High Court trials’
    • ‘There seemed to be an emphasis on theatricality in some of the booths at the fair.’
    • ‘The museum's Aztec art show revels in brutal theatricality.’
    • ‘The museum's aims of scholarship and preservation of real objects are being displaced by an emphasis on virtual experiences, theatricality, and emotional rhetoric.’
    • ‘The lighting and spatial variety add to the theatricality of the building complex.’
    • ‘It describes the opulence and theatricality of the Bourbon court.’
  • 2The quality of relating to acting or the theatre.

    ‘live performers give the installation an inherent theatricality’
    • ‘the heightened theatricality of the film’
    • ‘In fact, the entire cast has a delicious time with their roles, bringing a brash theatricality to the proceedings.’
    • ‘The exuberance and sheer theatricality of the entire production certainly helped to sustain continuity and clarity.’
    • ‘In the film, the mirrors make for a theatricality that can seem stilted.’
    • ‘Precise and restrained, his direction doesn't try to conceal the theatricality of the material but instead emphasizes it.’
    • ‘The show is certainly a triumph of art direction, with stylized costumes and sets that shout theatricality.’