Meaning of thematically in English:


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  • In a way that relates to the subjects or themes of something.

    ‘the exhibition was organized thematically rather than chronologically’
    • ‘a group of thematically linked songs’
    • ‘There sprung up in a new generation of film critics a desire to analyze films stylistically rather than thematically.’
    • ‘The garments in the current show are displayed thematically on raised platforms encased by glass partitions.’
    • ‘Frankly, the scenes with her are a little dull, but they are important thematically.’
    • ‘Though home is absent from these films in any but the vaguest sense, the duality of home and hell is still thematically essential.’
    • ‘She has created a photo series which presents from two to four thematically linked images within the same mat and frame.’



/θiːˈmatɪkli/ /θɪˈmatɪkli/