Meaning of theorization in English:


Pronunciation /θɪərʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


(also British theorisation)

See theorize

‘French Marxist Louis Althusser developed a fruitful theorization of the presence of ideology in society - a line of inquiry that film theorists especially were quick to adopt for their own.’
  • ‘The brief comments that follow attempt to outline the main arguments and contexts of these theorizations and to note some limitations which, in my view, restrict their usefulness.’
  • ‘This will likely lead to theorizations of multiculturalism that are more minority-oriented than the ones discussed above.’
  • ‘A significant criticism, however, of all current accounting history, both traditional and new, would be its relative lack of reciprocal success to date in penetrating the core of modern organizational theorization.’
  • ‘Although this article has examined two specific geographic preconditions of economic globalization, there must be other such geographic preconditions of globalization worthy of further theorization.’
  • ‘This abstract theorization of industrialization and regional growth, however, ignores historical specificity and institutional rigidities that continue to exert strong effects in the case of China.’