Meaning of theory-laden in English:



  • Denoting a term, concept, or statement which has meaning only as part of some theory, so that its use implies the acceptance of that theory.

    ‘However obvious and relevant these measures might seem, they are all theory-laden in the sense that they all assume, usually without any argument or justification, a particular theory of economic growth and or development.’
    • ‘Even assuming that ‘observation’ is theory-laden, this can hardly result in any conclusion about ‘meaning’.’
    • ‘It has now been accepted that this distinction between raw perception and interpretation is invalid; in fact, all perception is theory-laden.’
    • ‘Isn't it the case that all interpretations are theory-laden?’
    • ‘Consequently, some theory must precede empirical enquiry, and all factual investigation is theory-laden.’
    • ‘He called for a revolt against art about art and theory-laden avant-garde styles.’