Meaning of theosophically in English:


Pronunciation /θɪəˈsɒfɪk(ə)li/


See theosophy

‘So, theosophically speaking, how can we justify this?’
  • ‘Can somebody explain to me theosophically the meaning of this?’
  • ‘We have also started our own publishing company and the aim is to publish theosophical and theosophically related literature.’
  • ‘Even some mystically or theosophically minded writers have tended to jump on the big bang bandwagon, believing that the theory is essentially correct, provided we recognize the workings of divine intelligence going on behind the scenes.’
  • ‘This 1902 classic of devotional writing attempts to apply a diffuse, pan-religious theosophically minded doctrine to Christian thought, describing an awakening to Jesus as a mystery of ‘elemental processes and forces that are all silent’ moving along ‘pathways of growth.’’