Meaning of there is no harm in —— in English:

there is no harm in ——


  • The specified course of action may not be guaranteed success but is at least unlikely to have unwelcome repercussions.

    ‘other stores may be offering similar deals—there's no harm in asking’
    • ‘There is no harm in being rich of course, unless, as it usually does, it conflicts with being just.’
    • ‘I'd say to myself - go on, just pop in and say hello for a minute, there's no harm in that.’
    • ‘Sounds a bit unlikely to happen to me, but no harm in asking I suppose.’
    • ‘There will never be another Warne, of course, but there is no harm in looking.’
    • ‘There is no harm in self-interest reinforcing philanthropy if the outcome is the benefit of mankind, especially in poorer countries.’
    • ‘There is no harm in having a discussion about this.’
    • ‘‘Footpaths must stay closed, but there is no harm in going to country pubs and hotels,’ he said.’
    • ‘And after 160 years, there can be no harm in setting the story straight.’
    • ‘By arrogance I don't mean pride, for there is no harm in being proud of what we have achieved in all fields of human activity.’
    • ‘There is no harm in bringing it up to date, providing it does not lead to people disregarding the original lyrics.’