Meaning of there is no knowing in English:

there is no knowing

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  • No one can tell.

    ‘if we go there's no knowing what will happen’
    • ‘A very fit and active 72-year old, she is obviously a woman who lives life to the fullest and with a gold medal for indoor rowing there is no knowing what she will achieve in the years that lie ahead.’
    • ‘And the trouble has barely started - water supplies are contaminated, there is no food etc. etc. - once the epidemics start there is no knowing what might happen.’
    • ‘As for now there is no knowing for sure which way our high interest rates, hurtful as they are, will go especially if Government does reduce its borrowing.’
    • ‘There is no knowing whether the full-term child might have survived if he'd had proper assistance.’
    • ‘Once an agitation takes hold, there is no knowing what turn events might take, particularly in view of the fact that political parties have largely lost touch with the masses and their problems.’
    • ‘While your eye may spot talent, there is no knowing whether or not the artist will stay the course, but with prices hovering around €300 it's a gamble worth taking.’
    • ‘‘If she dies there is no knowing what will happen,’ he said and slammed the doors as he left the room.’
    • ‘If you leave, there is no knowing what might happen to you without my protection, or to your friends.’
    • ‘Even if the region is now relatively safe, there is no knowing what will happen to the troops once they get there.’
    • ‘Since then she has denied the media access and there is no knowing to what extent, if at all, she may have been afflicted by injuries or illness.’