Meaning of there or thereabouts in English:

there or thereabouts


  • 1In or very near a particular place or position.

    ‘If he does make it, he will be there or thereabouts, but nowhere near his peak.’
    • ‘We're near the top and we have to stay there or thereabouts.’
    • ‘I was there or thereabouts for a few years, and there's not much between being in an international squad and getting a cap.’
    • ‘There were only two points in it and I knew that if we got two scores we would be there or thereabouts.’
    • ‘Having been there or thereabouts, I'd love to think I could now establish myself.’
    1. 1.1Approximately.
      ‘forty years, there or thereabouts, had elapsed’
      • ‘I would say about 10 per cent, there or thereabouts.’
      • ‘It's 90 days there or thereabouts to the start of the Premiership.’
      • ‘Forty five minutes (there or thereabouts) is the perfect length for an album!’