Meaning of thermal efficiency in English:

thermal efficiency


  • The efficiency of a heat engine measured by the ratio of the work done by it to the heat supplied to it.

    ‘It is absurd that we should drive around in vastly expensive, glittering, vulnerable boxes which claim high economy if they do 40 miles or more to the gallon (a thermal efficiency of about 10 per cent).’
    • ‘It is, of course, a measure of the thermal efficiency of a cooling system.’
    • ‘Microturbines have thermal efficiencies of between 25 and 35 percent.’
    • ‘In one experiment, it was reported that cottonseed oil gave the highest thermal efficiency of all fuels tested, including diesel.’
    • ‘Adding anti-freeze destroyed the thermal efficiency of the flash-steam boiler.’
    • ‘That required a 40-percent boost in engine thermal efficiency, York notes, and a one-third reduction in driveline losses.’
    • ‘‘All these heat exchangers are compact and provide high thermal efficiency and low operating and maintenance costs,’ he says.’
    • ‘As the piston travels down, the superheater unit introduces more heat into the cylinder to keep the steam from cooling during the expansion cycle, thus increasing the engine's thermal efficiency.’