Meaning of thermoelectric in English:


Pronunciation /ˌθəːməʊɪˈlɛktrɪk/

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  • Producing electricity by a difference of temperatures.

    ‘The new design is an improvement over current thermoelectric devices used for the generation of electricity aboard spacecraft.’
    • ‘For instance, waste heat will be converted to electricity by a thermoelectric device.’
    • ‘The objective of the project is to demonstrate that quantum dots can be used to produce an improved thermoelectric nanomaterial by engineering thermal and electronic properties to achieve increased efficiencies.’
    • ‘These portable thermoelectric generators contain a sizable amount of strontium-90, a highly potent radioactive isotope.’
    • ‘The Voyagers were equipped with three radioisotope thermoelectric generators to produce electrical power for the spacecrafts' systems and instruments.’
    • ‘This equilibrium is reached through simultaneous application of active thermoelectric pulse heating and cooling gases.’
    • ‘So officials are scrambling to update regulations to allow dozens of thermoelectric power stations to be built, partly with private money.’
    • ‘Two potential solutions are thermoelectric power, which converts heat energy into electricity; and alpha-voltaic power, which converts the kinetic energy of alpha particles emitted from a radioactive isotope.’
    • ‘There he created the first physics laboratory in Britain where he conducted pioneering research into electric measurement and the investigation of the electro-dynamic and thermoelectric properties of matter.’
    • ‘Another field of interest shown by Milan's municipal companies was in gas distribution and the privatisation of thermoelectric power plants in Bulgaria.’
    • ‘A thermoelectric material must allow electrons to flow freely, so they can carry away heat energy.’
    • ‘The mission was possible because it drew its power from two long-lasting radioisotope thermoelectric generators provided by the Department of Energy.’
    • ‘Strontium-90, which is found in abandoned portable thermoelectric generators, would be a greater threat.’
    • ‘The thermoelectric generator starts the fan automatically and adjusts speed according to stove temperature.’
    • ‘Eventually, thermoelectric components might power cell phones by taking advantage of a person's body heat.’
    • ‘Besides the highly polluting thermoelectric plants, two environmentally friendly plants (acquired in Japan and England) have been working for several years, a fact not recorded in the book.’
    • ‘The second, Prof. Holger Kleinke, is investigating new thermoelectric materials in order to create energy-efficient cooling materials and power generators.’
    • ‘This may have resulted from a voltage increase between two dielectric plates, for example, slabs of limestone below the site that are separated by a thermoelectric material.’
    • ‘Treatment response was based on objective criteria including clinical and thermoelectric measurements.’
    • ‘It comes equipped with a thermoelectric projectile acceleration system.’