Meaning of thermokarst in English:


Pronunciation /ˈθəːmə(ʊ)kɑːst/


mass nounGeology
  • A form of periglacial topography resembling karst, with hollows produced by the selective melting of permafrost.

    ‘Deep permafrost thawing may result in irregular surface subsidence and thermokarst pits and mounds.’
    • ‘Warming of permafrost, thawing of ground ice, and development of thermokarst terrain have been documented over the past several decades.’
    • ‘The forest owes its appearance to an adjacent lake, one of a number of thermokarst lakes in the region.’
    • ‘As the permafrost was deepest under this island, the depression in the mineral sediments probably indicates thermokarst formation in response to conditions created by winter snow accumulations during the island's development.’