Meaning of thermoregulatory in English:


Pronunciation /ˌθəːməʊˈrɛɡjʊlətri/


See thermoregulate

‘Because hot flashes are episodes of thermoregulatory dysregulation, women report that standing in front of an open refrigerator or air conditioner helps to ameliorate the discomfort.’
  • ‘The body's thermoregulatory responses are intact.’
  • ‘Heatstroke and heat exhaustion occur when the body's thermoregulatory responses are inadequate to preserve homeostasis.’
  • ‘In thermoregulatory terms man is a tropical animal and, in order to survive outside a tropical environment, he must use clothing and shelter to prevent body cooling.’
  • ‘The impact of dehydration on the cardiovascular and thermoregulatory systems is quite predictable.’