Meaning of thermostable in English:


Pronunciation /θəːməʊˈsteɪb(ə)l/


  • (of a substance) not readily destroyed or deactivated by heat.

    ‘There are even more indications that it is a thermostable protein.’
    • ‘These are extremely interesting from the biotechnological point of view, and thermostable enzymes from bacillus species are particularly important in the production of corn syrups and dextrose.’
    • ‘The altered allele produces an enzyme that is less thermostable and has 60% lower activity than the common allele.’
    • ‘The production and distribution of modified, thermostable, brightly fluorescent GFPs (green fluorescent proteins) suitable for expression in plant cells has stimulated many experiments with plant systems.’
    • ‘Consequently, the gene products recovered from this genome are expected to be extremely thermostable, or heat-tolerant.’