Meaning of thermotropism in English:


Pronunciation /ˌθəːmə(ʊ)ˈtrəʊpɪz(ə)m/


mass nounBiology
  • The turning or bending of a plant or other organism in response to a directional source of heat.

    ‘Whether thermotropism would explain the observed relative preference of this parasite for chickens, which have a slightly higher body temperature than guinea pigs, remains to be determined.’
    • ‘It appears to be a case of thermotropism, where the flower buds sense the cold downdraft of a thunderstorm and constrict before the drowning rain arrives.’
    • ‘It is proposed that these and related mechanosensitive channels may participate in a variety of responses to temperature, including thermotropism, hydrotropism, and both cold damage and cold acclimation.’