Meaning of thewed in English:


Pronunciation /θjuːd/



See thew

‘I have to, otherwise I shall strike to the left of me and the right of me with my mighty thewed forearms, probably snapping a few heads along the way.’
  • ‘In keeping with Finder's emotionally realistic tone, the artwork avoids the heavily thewed men and exaggerated supermodel women beloved of superhero comics.’
  • ‘He was smooth and rosy-skinned, cherubic-faced, with a thatch of curly yellow hair, but his body was as hugely thewed as a Hercules.’
  • ‘He was holding Malbihn in a grasp the giant Swede could not break, though he struggled to do so, and he was holding him as easily as Malbihn might have held a little child, yet Malbihn was a huge man, mightily thewed.’