Meaning of thick-film in English:



  • 1(of a process or device) using or involving a relatively thick solid or liquid film.

    ‘a thick-film coating system’
    • ‘The mechanism of solid-film lubrication is essentially the same as that of thick-film lubrication, except that the lubricant is a solid substance.’
    1. 1.1Electronics Denoting a miniature circuit or device based on a metal film.
      ‘a thick-film resistor’
      • ‘Compared to printed circuit boards, which are much more common, thick-film technology exhibits outstanding thermal, chemical and mechanical stability.’
      • ‘They have been used to make heaters by scree- printing thick-film resistive elements on the insulated areas for the last ten years.’
      • ‘A suite of equipment is available for the laboratory-scale preparation of thick-film ceramics.’
      • ‘Samples and production quantities of the new thick-film power resistor are available now, with lead times of six to eight weeks for larger orders.’
      • ‘The thick-film resistor is manufactured in a 16-step process.’