Meaning of think about in English:

think about

phrasal verb

  • 1think about someone or somethingTake someone or something into account or consideration when deciding on a possible action.

    • ‘you can live how you like, but there's the children to think about’
  • 2think about somethingConsider the possibility or advantages of a course of action.

    ‘she thought about enrolling for a college course’
    • ‘Recently, I've been thinking of doing a course with the Open University - which is probably a good thing to do.’
    • ‘Now I am about to start a clinical doctorate I am thinking of doing an art course.’
    • ‘If you are thinking about setting up a course then you should think through these issues.’
    • ‘I asked if she ever considered the danger or thought of fleeing the aftershocks and the tumbling buildings.’
    • ‘If you are thinking of gifting them, consider shelling out around a lakh of rupees or more.’
    • ‘This is an expense you might not have considered when thinking about moving to the seaside.’
    • ‘Any television producer thinking of developing the idea should first of all contact the author of the above, who will not be hard to deal with.’
    • ‘I'm thinking of creating a place here with links and reviews of site for kids.’
    • ‘He said it will be of benefit to all clients thinking of developing R&D projects.’
    • ‘Mr Lee said that reports suggested the Chancellor was thinking of a 6p rise on beer in the Budget.’
    • ‘She thinks of running away but realizes that it would be useless to try.’
    • ‘I was thinking of going light with some goodies, music and some games and paper to write and draw with.’
    • ‘The interior minister certainly wasn't thinking of creating a data graveyard.’
    • ‘Opinion: anyone who thinks of trying to track down these boys and commit some sort of revenge act against them is as low as any other perpetrator of violence.’
    consider, contemplate, give thought to, entertain the idea of, deliberate about, weigh up, turn over in one's mind, mull over, chew over, reflect on, ruminate about, muse on