Meaning of think on in English:

think on

phrasal verb

dialect North American
  • think on someone or somethingThink of or about someone or something.

    ‘I think on her every day in my prayers’
    • ‘Your point should be a revelation to those who would think on what you have said.’
    • ‘If you ever consider going into business for yourself, think on this.’
    • ‘As boys came into her mind for a change, she thought on the dark-eyed guy that had been at the stables.’
    • ‘She thought on that for a minute, but the answer had been clear the minute John had asked the question.’
    • ‘Her annoyance began to grow, and the more she thought on it, the worse it became.’
    • ‘She thought on this for a moment and looked back up at him with a shy smile.’
    • ‘He shook his head, and poured himself another drink, and thought on her last words.’
    • ‘She thought on each and every one of these during the ride home, not speaking a word the entire way.’
    • ‘He had been bored so he thought on going to visit Carla and Kaze for the weekend.’
    • ‘They both thought on it for several more hours, but neither of them said anything about it.’
    consider, contemplate, give thought to, entertain the idea of, deliberate about, weigh up, turn over in one's mind, mull over, chew over, reflect on, ruminate about, muse on