Meaning of thinspo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈθɪnspəʊ/


mass noun informal
  • short for thinspiration

    • ‘The thinspo accounts did affect me while I was sick.’
    • ‘Typing in "thinspo" returns a list of pages rife with pictures that are common to eating disorder blogs, like those that fetishize thigh gaps and miniscule waistlines.’
    • ‘People with eating disorders may want to set up blocks on "thinspo" content.’
    • ‘It's pretty obvious to the general public that thinspo isn't healthy.’
    • ‘Following the site's decision to ban 'thinspo' content, users are being encouraged to report pro-anorexia content so the website can remove it.’
    • ‘One of site's most popular themes is "Health and Fitness", but it features a lot of photos of emaciated women, often tagged "thinspo" and "thinspiration".’
    • ‘The TV presenter responded: "People are different sizes; I'm not trying to be thinspo for anyone."’
    • ‘Thinspo communities continue to leap across different platforms, casting an ever-wider net.’
    • ‘Your average Jane Doe will recognize that the bodies shown in the thinspo images are not only very hard to attain, but definitely not healthy.’
    • ‘Many women struggling with an eating disorder grow protective over thinspo, because it becomes so integral to maintaining and continuing their disorder.’