Meaning of thiopentone in English:


Pronunciation /ˌθʌɪə(ʊ)ˈpɛntəʊn/


mass nounBritish Medicine
  • A sulphur-containing barbiturate drug used as a general anaesthetic and hypnotic, and (reputedly) as a truth drug.

    Also called Pentothal (a trademark)
    North American term thiopental

    ‘I have injected the antibiotic cefuroxime, thinking it was the anaesthetic thiopentone.’
    • ‘The use of induction agents, such as thiopentone, and muscle relaxants when a patient's airway reflexes are still present, can counteract these effects.’
    • ‘Inhibition of neutrophil respiratory burst and chemotaxis in vitro by thiopentone but not methohexitone’
    • ‘Comparative evaluation of propanidid with thiopentone as an anaesthetic agent for electro-convulsive therapy.’
    • ‘The systemic kinetics of thiopentone were little affected by halothane anaesthesia.’
    • ‘In most respects thiopentone seems to be comparable to its younger competitors.’


1940s from thio- + a contraction of pentobarbitone.