Meaning of thiram in English:


Pronunciation /ˈθʌɪram/


mass nounChemistry
  • A synthetic sulphur-containing compound used as a fungicide and seed protectant.

    Chemical formula: (CH₃)₂NCSS₂SCN(CH₃)₂

    ‘The seed treatment fungicides with the highest toxicity level to Rhizobium inoculants are captan and thiram.’
    • ‘These seed test results reinforce the need for growers to be aware of management practices for anthracnose, particularly to ensure that seed for this year's crop has been treated with a seed dressing containing thiram.’
    • ‘‘It is the active constituents of carboxin plus thiram that gives this seed treatment an edge over others,’ she said’
    • ‘Taken together, these results show that thiram induces GSH depletion, leading to oxidative stress and finally cell death by apoptosis.’
    • ‘The calibration curve for thiram has a linear range of 100 to 800 ng/mL and a detection limit of 40 ng/mL.’


1950s from thio-, (u)r(ea), and am(ine), elements of the systematic name.