Meaning of third age in English:

third age



British the third age
  • The period in life of active retirement, following middle age.

    ‘Many hope that the new age of retirement - the third age - will bring other opportunities and rewards - study, travel, volunteer work to name a few, not to mention health and access to the latest medical advances.’
    • ‘It also turned out that the welfare state could not cope with the huge health costs in the third age - the age of physical decline.’
    • ‘I've always maintained that, on moving into the third age, it's much better not to be a retired whatever and that, rather, one should aim to become something else, something new.’
    • ‘You might think the third age would have removed something of the new age, at my age, but you'd be wrong.’
    • ‘Of course, there's still a long way to go before the greys prevail over a media steeped in negative representations of the third age.’
    • ‘As the babyboomers embark on the third age, 50 has become the new 40.’
    • ‘The website is a kind of portal for those entering the third age.’
    • ‘It sensitizes designers and engineers to consider the needs of the population entering the third age of life.’
    • ‘But maybe this idea simply reflects the low expectations and narrow opportunities we've created for individuals in the third age.’
    • ‘The third age is becoming a second teenage with the over 50s seeking experiences and identities previously thought unbecoming of someone their age.’
    • ‘The problem is easy to state - with life expectancy at 80 or over most of us can anticipate having a third age of 20 or more years.’
    • ‘I was less than six months into my retirement, still adjusting, still seeking the occupation that would form a new career in my third age.’
    • ‘And if there's one thing life is teaching me in my third age it's the absolute priority of gathering rosebuds as I may.’
    • ‘Rosemary agrees, advising pensioners to enjoy the so-called third age.’
    • ‘My observation, based on personal experience, is that some of the things you lose as you approach your third age are no real loss at all.’
    • ‘He is now, in his third age, a military historian specialising in the pitched battles of the Second World War.’
    • ‘We know that we're going to have to start putting sums away soon or else we'll have a very miserable third age indeed.’
    • ‘Those entering on their third age need to be able to get out and to extend their life experience just as much as youngsters do.’
    • ‘Increasingly, with the nest empty, they go on to a lively third age and beyond.’
    • ‘That was when I decided my occupation in my third age was to be that of a writer.’