Meaning of third party in English:

third party


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  • A person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation, especially a dispute.

    ‘the involvement of a third party as an independent valuer’
    • ‘a sympathetic third party is of help when marriage conflict gets out of hand’
    • ‘a third party in their conversation’
    • ‘In these circumstances, the asset given as security belongs to the defendant, not a third party.’
    • ‘What I wanted to ask you was, was there any possibility of a third party being involved in the dismemberment?’
    • ‘Here there is no need for a third party to have become involved.’
    • ‘They have also suggested other initiatives to protect and enhance the Golden Plover habitats, but these would involve third parties playing an active role.’
    • ‘One can think of many examples of things which are close to parenting but involve third parties.’
    • ‘It was also held that this damage caused by independent third parties was reasonably foreseeable.’
    • ‘Furthermore there are other difficulties when the position of third parties is involved.’
    • ‘Even the allegations of assault against third parties stemmed from the respondent's anger and jealousy over the applicant's relationship with another woman.’
    • ‘The other issue, the third issue, is whether the applicants in the Family Court can join third parties as respondents.’
    • ‘It is clear from the notice and the case that what was sought to be adduced by the policemen in the witness box was evidence of complaints made by third parties to the police.’
    • ‘Where the third party participates in the Crown Court hearing the likelihood is that he or she will be making common cause with the defendant.’
    • ‘We have no confidence that decisions made by you will be made in a fair and reasonable manner and believe that your decisions should be reviewed by an independent third party.’
    • ‘The Bill, which would apply retrospectively, allows for the recovery of assets transferred to third parties if the bankrupt continues to draw a benefit from that asset.’
    • ‘Opinions expressed are those of the individuals stating them, who should not be construed as representing any groups, organizations or third parties.’
    • ‘Because there is no arbitrary third party, or court system with the backing of an enforcement agency, laws may be broken with impunity.’
    • ‘For companies who have secured a speaker slot at an event organised by a third party, these events have the added attraction of being extremely low-cost.’
    • ‘Legislation means a third party will come in and tell these two parties that they can't do a transaction that they both see benefit in.’
    • ‘Once the information is legitimately in the hands of third parties, should those third parties advise the banks if loss or theft of data occurs?’
    • ‘I do not share your information with any third party inside or outside of my organization.’
    • ‘The best way to prevent such abuse would be to prohibit any third party from paying for trips, period.’


  • 1Relating to a person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation.

    ‘third-party suppliers’
    • ‘Participating suppliers must submit to third-party audits and disclose energy sources to consumers.’
    • ‘Many e-commerce websites use online shopping carts provided by third-party suppliers.’
    • ‘There is no disinterested third-party witness to say who is telling the truth and who is lying.’
    • ‘Production will be shifted to a third-party supplier, while the plant will be wound down and left with less than 30 staff.’
    • ‘I have found a third-party accountant who is able to meet with both of us and go over the books.’
    • ‘The two big business parties come close to criminalizing third-party candidates and those who support them.’
    • ‘Smith has been separated from her husband for three years and friends have insisted there was no third-party involvement at the time of the separation.’
    • ‘They come either from your own organisation or through some third party consultancy.’
    • ‘The cameras are monitored either by family members or by third party organizations.’
    • ‘Is it then unethical for the company to sell on information about its customers to third-party companies?’
    • ‘We could have standardized and commoditized it, and sold it to third-party investment advisers.’
    • ‘It seems reasonable to infer that possible third-party investment has been investigated thoroughly.’
    • ‘Lenders have recourse to an independent third-party review committee.’
    • ‘He signed an album deal with the record company, but decided against hiring a producer and third-party studio for recording.’
    • ‘This is why they work hard to convince people not to buy third-party ink cartridges.’
    • ‘Investors need a third-party perspective before making a decision.’
    • ‘At this point, they won't even agree to a third-party investigation.’
    • ‘The company currently employs 8000 people, around 4000 of them third-party contractors.’
    • ‘Should clients be informed of work performed by third-party service providers?’
    • ‘These loans are issued by the federal government, instead of through a third-party lender.’
    1. 1.1British (of insurance) covering damage or injury suffered by a person other than the insured.
      ‘third-party liability’
      • ‘By law, motorists must have at least third-party insurance cover just in case they cause an accident to another person or to another person's property.’
      • ‘Note that a basic third-party insurance policy doesn't cover you for damage caused to yourself or your own car.’
      • ‘And as her 22-year-old son has only got third-party insurance he will have to settle the bill personally.’
      • ‘The EU is considering making all-risks, third-party insurance compulsory for ships carrying crude oil.’
      • ‘Neither would we have the third-party insurance offered by the organisations, but we could all provide our own diving insurance.’
      • ‘Mrs Young has been forced to scrap the car and fork out for another as she only had third-party insurance which required the culprit to cover the cost.’
      • ‘Opting for third-party insurance consistently knocks about a third off the cost of your premium.’
      • ‘Many household insurance policies will include third-party liability, but may exclude sports activities.’
      • ‘The most controversial part of the code regulates the mandatory third-party liability motor insurance.’
      • ‘Here the third-party liability cover can be crucial in case you injure another in a water or winter sports accident.’
      • ‘You will not be able to use a marina or slipway without third-party liability protection in case you cause an accident.’
      • ‘A good policy should provide third-party liability cover.’
      • ‘The awards in third-party liquor liability cases can range from a few thousand to several million dollars.’
      • ‘Drivers can cut premiums by around 30% a year by opting for third-party cover instead of comprehensive.’
      • ‘As of next year, the price of third-party liability policies will be determined solely according to market value.’
      • ‘All the insurance policies we looked at included third-party protection on dog polices.’