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cardinal number

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    (also xiii, XIII)
    Equivalent to the sum of six and seven; one more than twelve, or seven less than twenty; 13.

    ‘thirteen miles away’
    • ‘a rise of 13 per cent’
    • ‘thirteen of the bishops voted against the motion’
    • ‘I figure we probably have twelve or thirteen years left to go.’
    • ‘It's something like twelve or thirteen years since I last had a stream of colds like this and I've been relatively free of them since.’
    • ‘Previously they have been ranked as the most intense set of examinations in the world, with a maximum of thirteen exams in seven days.’
    • ‘Of the thirteen contestants, seven were chosen for a question and answer round.’
    • ‘Normally it takes twelve to thirteen months for him to instill a solid reining education on a horse, from start to finish.’
    • ‘Twelve of the thirteen disciplined workers were important union officials or representatives.’
    • ‘Seven of the thirteen case studies are included in the abridged version.’
    • ‘I walked into the room and was greeted by about twelve or thirteen little sophomores.’
    • ‘Of the authors of the thirteen articles, seven were academics and six non-academics.’
    • ‘The walk was thirteen miles long and nearly one hundred people participated and completed.’
    • ‘The hills are rolling out in front of her and there are thirteen miles to cover before she will tell her story again.’
    • ‘Eleven high officials in thirteen universities were ejected from office.’
    • ‘I kneaded for eight minutes and my wife took over for the last thirteen.’
    • ‘Chapter thirteen covers the various options available for mounting your photos.’
    • ‘For eight months I've been following a sensible diet that's resulted in my losing thirteen pounds.’
    • ‘The 1790 census reported about half a million people living west of the original thirteen states.’
    • ‘I fought in the great battles that swept over our land thirteen years ago, and lived to tell the tale.’
    • ‘He had spent the last thirteen years of his life in Ireland, mostly in County Galway, and at least some of the time in Carna.’
    • ‘Six more jobs were to come, spread over the next thirteen years, but they were of a different character.’
    • ‘They shared the joy and burden of editing for the next thirteen years, the longest period of any coeditorship in the journal's existence.’
    1. 1.1A size of garment or other merchandise denoted by thirteen.
    2. 1.2Thirteen years old.
      ‘two boys aged eleven and thirteen’
      • ‘The children were ragged and dirty, and all looked to be between the ages of eleven and thirteen.’
      • ‘Ivan was sixteen, Alexis thirteen, Andrei eleven, I was nine and Natalia was three.’
      • ‘My most interesting experience from a linguistic point of view was when I moved from Malaysia to Australia at the age of thirteen.’
      • ‘At the age of thirteen she was already a household name in Mayo.’
      • ‘It is for young people between the ages of thirteen and eighteen.’
      • ‘His first sermon before a responsive audience was delivered in a Wesleyan schoolroom at the age of thirteen.’
      • ‘The leaving age had been thirteen until 1901 when it was changed to fourteen.’
      • ‘Throughout the week, the children aged from six to thirteen were taught skills in both hurling and football.’
      • ‘By the age of thirteen she was studying such challenging pieces as the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto.’
      • ‘Between the ages of ten and thirteen I couldn't get enough of them.’
      • ‘However, having very little memory before the age of thirteen or so, I still have no recollection of it whatsoever.’
      • ‘The camp will consist of classes, sport and fun for children between the ages of eight and thirteen.’
      • ‘Patrick is believed to have committed suicide at the age of thirteen, though the body was never found.’
      • ‘This can all be done without any need to notify the parents if the girl is over the age of thirteen.’
      • ‘In a bid to catch the killer the police interviewed every male between the ages of thirteen and sixty.’
      • ‘Forty-one of the children began working between the ages of eight and thirteen, most starting at ages ten or eleven.’
      • ‘Around the age of thirteen, Katherine began to hear about Dr. Martin Luther.’
      • ‘Boys at the age of thirteen are cruel and heartless.’
      • ‘Growing up hasn't been fun, but I've made it to the age of thirteen.’
      • ‘He is the father of three US-born daughters aged six to thirteen.’



/ˌθəːˈtiːn/ /ˈθəːtiːn/


Old English thrēotīene(see three, -teen). The spelling with initial thi- is recorded in late Middle English.