Meaning of thirteenth in English:


ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number thirteen in a sequence; 13th.

    ‘the thirteenth century’
    • ‘The thirteenth amendment was necessary to make its provisions stick once the crisis had passed.’
    • ‘The modes of dress during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries were various and ridiculous.’
    • ‘When we unroll the sixth and the thirteenth centuries, and hang up the two side by side, we find that it is a contrasted picture that they exhibit.’
    • ‘Both Wales and Scotland would gradually come to adopt these values during the course of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.’
    • ‘In England, land was treated as a commodity in the thirteenth century.’
    • ‘The band set off to record their thirteenth album.’
    • ‘The association is celebrating the thirteenth anniversary of its formation this year.’
    • ‘The thirteenth annual trade show attracted 97 exhibitors this year.’
    • ‘It was the night of my thirteenth birthday party, and I was blowing out the candles on my cake.’
    • ‘The thirteenth chapter of Matthew has a collection of parables in it.’
  • 2Each of thirteen equal parts into which something is or may be divided.

    ‘twelve thirteenths’
    • ‘Unemployment benefits make up a mere one thirteenth of the cost of welfare overall.’
    • ‘There are under a hundred million Brits living in a country less than one thirteenth the size of Texas.’
    • ‘The townspeople built their own network, and now their bills are about $1.20 a month, a thirteenth the size of average monthly bills in places where the big players offer service.’
    • ‘I have heard that the king will demand a thirteenth of our goods when he comes again to England.’
    • ‘The proportion of the arable lands is about a thirteenth of the whole.’