Meaning of thither in English:


Pronunciation /ˈðɪðə/

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archaic, literary
  • To or towards that place.

    ‘no trickery had been necessary to attract him thither’
    • ‘Many Acadians fled thither after the dispersion of Grand Pré and the fall of Louisbourg.’
    • ‘Other colonists went thither of their own will in 1654 and 1662.’
    • ‘On hearing a rumour that Isabella is with Theodore in the churchyard, Manfred rushes thither, and stabs the woman - only to find it is his daughter, Matilda.’
    • ‘Enterprising men are hastening thither, and capital is flowing into the State from all parts of the country.’
    • ‘I was as ripe for university as some that have been sent thither.’


Old English thider, alteration (by association with hither) of thæder, of Germanic origin; related to that and the.