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Pronunciation /θɒŋ/

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  • 1A narrow strip of leather or other material, used especially as a fastening or as the lash of a whip.

    ‘A wooden ladder lashed together with leather thongs led into a hole into the ceiling above.’
    • ‘The assortment of straps and leather thongs and long, heavy stirrups annoyed him.’
    • ‘He managed adequately, though, in subzero temperatures by wrapping his feet in meal sacks which were nailed to his 12-foot long skis and lashed in place with leather thongs.’
    • ‘For safety I kept my room key around my neck on a leather thong, and even tied an extra knot in it so it wouldn't slip over my head while swimming.’
    • ‘To stow, simply fold it up and hook the leather thongs over the brass studs.’
    • ‘Completing her braid Lee tied it back with a leather thong.’
    • ‘She takes the leather thong out of my hair and threads it through the hole in the pendant.’
    • ‘The interior was unlined, the top edges were often reinforced with leather; and two leather thongs sewn on just below the upper edges served as handles.’
    • ‘Then with a flourish the hands closed the bag with thick leather thongs.’
    • ‘Her hair was tied back with two leather thongs to keep it out of her face while riding.’
    • ‘The oars were attached to wooden lockpins by leather thongs attached to the oar shaft.’
    • ‘He was dressed in traditional Paiute clothing, complete with moccasins, and his hair was kept back from his forehead with a leather thong.’
    • ‘Anastasia reached into her pocket and pulled out a leather thong - the type that you tie things with.’
    • ‘His long, dark brown hair was tied away from his angular, handsome features with a leather thong.’
    • ‘Grumbling to himself, he washed and dressed, tying back his long hair with a leather thong.’
    • ‘I took a deep breath and let the wind ruffle my hair, loosing it from the leather thong.’
    • ‘He moved to rub his sore head and discovered that his hands were bound by a leather thong.’
    • ‘Her hair went back into a quick knot at the base of her skull, tied with a leather thong.’
    • ‘A leather thong was on her right forearm with a blade secured in it.’
    • ‘Traditional footwear is sandals or wooden clogs with a thong that passes between the big toe and the second toe.’
    strip, band, cord, string, lash, tie, belt, strap, tape, rope, tether
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  • 2A skimpy bathing garment or pair of knickers like a G-string.

    as modifier ‘by day it's miniskirts and by the pool thong bikinis’
    • ‘Some spider thongs, suspender G-strings, and skimpy tops come with a warning that they aren't for everyone.’
    • ‘The women favor skimpy bikinis with a thong cut.’
    • ‘Confidence evaporating, I dive to my right to escape and find myself in ladies lingerie amid a kaleidoscopic array of skimpy bras, thongs and fishnets.’
    • ‘No matter whether it's briefs, bikinis, thongs or boxers, the designer's close-to-the-body lines and the high-quality fabrics used would definitely make any man look more sexy.’
    • ‘The lovely line of boy shorts, thongs, bra-top camisoles, slips, drawstring pants, and tees will have you delightfully perplexed as to how and where to wear them.’
    • ‘The shop has really impressed me with its ever-growing choice of bras, briefs, thongs and little hot pants.’
    • ‘In the UK, thongs are knickers, which is why I was a little alarmed to find our New York office banned them in the dress code.’
    • ‘This fashion is actively supported by clothing designers who specifically design boxer shorts or thongs to sit above the very low-cut pants in vogue right now.’
    • ‘There are briefs of many varieties: bikini briefs, boxer briefs, thongs and jockstrap briefs.’
    • ‘The flagship New York store, with its soft pink carpeting and walls, was filled with the expected thongs and see-through bras, camisoles and boxer shorts.’
    • ‘I packed everything from sweatshirts and bikinis to thongs and sneakers.’
    • ‘It was a moment later that I realized that my mouth had fallen open, and that I was staring at a suitcase full of thongs, bras, skirts, short shorts, bikinis, and tank tops.’
    • ‘Though the eight dancers never went beyond their thong underpants, the women seemed satisfied with the show.’
    • ‘On the other hand, I was rather disturbed at the large number of thongs and g-strings that I was selling.’
    • ‘And anyway, weren't thongs and G-strings supposed to be the breakthrough in consigning the dreaded panty line to history?’
    • ‘Contestants strip down to tiny bikini tops and thongs, which at times appear to disappear.’
    • ‘He even uncovered, to his revulsion, a tiny lacy pink thong.’
    • ‘My aunt reached into the bag and pulled out a red lacy thong.’
    • ‘Specifically, she wanted to make sure they were wearing bras and were not wearing thong underwear.’
    • ‘I stood there in my yellow thong panties and my white lacy bra.’
  • 3North American, Australian A light sandal or flip-flop.

    ‘As well, skip the sandals and stick to thongs or flip-flops.’
    • ‘Get your feet on the coolest loafers, lounges, sandals, thongs, and sneakers of the season, and be a step ahead of the rest.’
    • ‘Style is not necessarily synonymous with formal, making it possible for you to give casual shoes like thongs, slides and sneakers a try.’
    • ‘Slip-on sandals or thongs are always useful, especially if you're going to a warm climate or if you're expecting to take showers in sports facilities.’
    • ‘It's common to see men on Greek construction sites wearing thongs or sandals, but not helmets or safety harnesses.’
    • ‘Children go barefoot, while their parents wear rubber thongs or sandals.’
    • ‘This condition is very infectious, so do not walk around barefoot where other people are likely to tread or allow sharing of thongs, sandals, or towels.’
    • ‘Going barefoot or wearing sandals or thongs can also cause PF.’
    • ‘His plaid shirt and jeans make a good match for her gingham dress, while his masculine work boots match well with her cheap thong sandals.’
    • ‘The soles of her thong sandals are at least two or three inches thick, and the leather between her toes is braided with gems attached.’
    • ‘The front entrance area should also be adorned with a variety of slippers, thongs and metal capped working class boots.’
    • ‘I see her kick off her black thong sandals and pull her feet up into her chair, sitting Indian style as she settles in to study.’
    • ‘The dress code is very relaxed too - unless you're wearing flip-flops and a thong, you'll stroll in without a second look.’
    • ‘I've nothing against flip-flops, or thongs for holidays and really hot days, but they are so over-available this summer there has to be an alternative, and maybe it's just not provided by retro wedges.’
    • ‘Step into these stylish sandals this summer, from thongs to slides, and you'll be turning up the heat with whomever you want.’
    • ‘If you favor earth tones, these suede thong sandals are your ticket to ride.’
    • ‘Now guys can finally step into luxury with this pair of stylish thong sandals.’
    • ‘I love getting lost at the beach, then walking in my salty thongs to a nearby pub with sand my my hair to drink cold beer and dance to a chilled out DJ.’
    • ‘And what of rubber thongs being worn to work, exposing chipped nail varnish in women or overgrown toe nails in men?’
    • ‘He said he had learned a valuable lesson - he would never wear thongs while driving again.’


[with object] archaic
  • Flog or lash with a whip.

    hit, beat, flog, whip, horsewhip, scourge, lash, flagellate, flail, strap, birch, cane, belt, leather
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Old English thwang, thwong, of Germanic origin; related to German Zwang ‘compulsion’. Compare with whang.