Meaning of thorn apple in English:

thorn apple

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  • 1A poisonous datura with large trumpet-shaped white flowers and toothed leaves, which has become a weed of waste ground in many countries.

    Also called jimson weed in North America

    Datura stramonium, family Solanaceae

    ‘Important are the accounts of opium, aconite, hemlock, and the thorn apple, showing careful study of widely known poisons.’
    • ‘Recipes of love stimulants frequently contained such plants, especially henbane, mandrake, and in later times thorn apple.’
    1. 1.1The prickly fruit of the thorn apple, which resembles that of a horse chestnut.
      • ‘‘As well as being a hallucinogenic,’ says Phillips, ‘the thorn apple has a fiery, hot taste and causes sweating and burning sensations throughout the body’.’