Meaning of thorny oyster in English:

thorny oyster


  • A bivalve mollusc of warm seas, the pinkish-brown shell of which is heavily ribbed and bears blunt or flattened spines.

    Family Spondylidae: Spondylus and other genera

    ‘I can still see the vivid orange flesh of a large thorny oyster, its shell spread open and decorated with a quilt of coral.’
    • ‘By late prehispanic times, the thorny oyster was distributed widely throughout the central Andes.’
    • ‘However, there are many marine parks and sanctuaries in which the thorny oysters may be found.’
    • ‘All of the long tines that identify thorny oysters easily were gone, but a few nubs remained.’
    • ‘Scallops, also called thorny oysters, are burrowing creatures; with a few exceptions they are able to swim.’