Meaning of thought control in English:

thought control

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mass noun
  • The attempt to restrict ideas and impose opinions through censorship and the control of curricula in schools.

    ‘We must recognize and critique the various mechanisms of thought control be it religion, notions of behaviour, descriptions of identity, etc.’
    • ‘Accusations of politically correct thought control have become a pathetic and transparent excuse for lazy racists and sexists the land over.’
    • ‘Local issues will be featured in an upcoming conference examining power politics and thought control in a democratic society.’
    • ‘Jefferson's fears of government thought control have come to fruition in the drug war.’
    • ‘The irony, of course, is that the film was a note-perfect satire on the absurdities of organised religion, including its penchant for totalitarian thought control.’
    • ‘Censorship taken to extremes is even worse - Stalin's Russia used it as a rudimentary method of thought control and the manipulation of the media for propaganda is commonplace even in the west in times of war.’
    • ‘Those who expose the racism in history are accused of distorting historical truth and engineering thought control to serve an elite ideological cause.’
    • ‘The inventory of untested fears has always made humanity disastrously vulnerable to thought control.’
    • ‘They can only be victims of western thought control.’
    • ‘Why do we allow this thought control to exist and why are we so blind as to accept the orders of this secret bunch of vandals?’
    • ‘Of the two, the Western system is a far more effective and insidious form of thought control.’
    • ‘Mass manipulation of language and thought control takes care of the political and social security of the elite.’
    • ‘We don't need no education; we don't need no thought control.’
    • ‘The idea of ‘freedom of speech’ has indeed suffered a set back, but a return to Soviet era thought control is not in the offing.’
    • ‘If we find it unacceptable to even formulate theories that might support contentious views, we're heading toward thought control.’
    • ‘The land reform was completed in early 1953 but thought control continued.’
    • ‘Basically, it is a form of thought control, or the imposing of a mind-script.’
    • ‘If this is not a form of thought control, then the term has no meaning.’
    • ‘This, arguably, is why patriotism is so important - it is a foundation stone of thought control.’
    • ‘In the novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' rebellion was impossible because of thought control.’