Meaning of three-handed in English:



  • Having, using, or requiring three people.

    ‘it's a three-handed job’
    • ‘It's quite possible to lose a three-handed game despite holding all four queens.’
    • ‘Shirley Robertson's Yngling crew were fourth and sixth and lead the three-handed keelboat class by seven points.’
    • ‘L' Hombre is a three-handed trick taking game.’
    • ‘Each member of the three-handed cast is excellent, but the show-stealer is Douglas Hodge as Barry.’
    • ‘After the war Casey joined his father and his cousin, Jack Casey, in a three-handed stage comedy act that owed much to the music-hall tradition.’
    • ‘This is a three handed drama and it almost looks and feels theatrical with its claustrophobic setting (most of the drama is confined to the cabin) and small cast.’