Meaning of three-hanky in English:



informal North American
  • Self-indulgently sentimental.

    • ‘a tired, three-hanky melodrama’
    • ‘A tightly wound Midwestern family brought together by the death of their mother sounds like a recipe for a bad three-hanky picture.’
    • ‘A special romance takes off from there, and proceeds to a three-hanky ending.’
    • ‘If there is such a thing as a three-hanky film, A Woman of Paris is it.’
    • ‘All the three-hanky flicks are there to tell us to seize the day and not let opportunities or friendships pass you by.’
    • ‘Hardcore romantics will be won over regardless, but it would have been nice if Jeunet have exercised greater discipline in telling his two lovers' three-hanky story.’
    • ‘Paul Cox's wise, open-hearted story of a man and woman who meet many, many decades after they first fell in love is a three-hanky weepy of the highest order.’
    • ‘The whole film culminates in a three-hanky scene that is entirely satisfying from a narrative stand-point but feels utterly hollow.’
    • ‘James writes what she likes to read, intense three-hanky stories which take advantage of their historical setting to create and sustain the conflict between hero and heroine.’
    • ‘When I saw the cover of Crystal River, I was expecting a tired, three-hanky melodrama.’
    • ‘I can think of no better way to start the new year than by pointing to this three-hanky weeper.’
    • ‘Even though Terms Of Endearment has many three-hankie moments, it's got a very offbeat sense of humor that men might enjoy.’
    • ‘While the reviews were rather mixed, the film would endure as a cult romance, now cherished as a three-hankie classic.’
    • ‘A minor-league icon, her popularity had little to do with her acting, resting instead on appearances in a few great films and an off-screen life as tumultuous as a three-hankie melodrama.’
    • ‘It may not send you out of the theatre on a high, but this is a genuine three-hankie theatrical experience.’
    mawkish, over-sentimental, overemotional, cloying, sickly, saccharine, sugary, sugar-coated, syrupy