Meaning of three-legged race in English:

three-legged race

Pronunciation /θriːˈlɛɡɪdreɪs/

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  • A race run by pairs of people, one member of each pair having their left leg tied to the right leg of the other.

    ‘The common on the Worcester Road will be given over to medieval games throughout the day, with traditional ‘sports’ such as blind man's buff, sack races and three-legged races.’
    • ‘It included sack races, spud and spoon races, obstacle races, three-legged races and a tug-o-war and sprints for all the kiddies.’
    • ‘Organise simple races between the children, for example weaving in and out of trees along a certain length of the park, a hopping race, a three-legged race or an obstacle race.’
    • ‘For the children we're going to have a corn-husking contest, a sack race, and a three-legged race for both children and adults.’
    • ‘Included are three-legged races, sack races, skittles, tug-o'-war, obstacle races, egg and spoon races, penalty shots, throw the wellie and a lot of other activities.’
    • ‘There will be three-legged races, sack races, fun races, duck racing, and underage racing.’
    • ‘Apart from the competitive end, the emphasis will be on fun events with numerous novelty events again this year, ranging from three-legged races to a slow bicycle race and of course the ever popular family relay.’
    • ‘But in three-legged races, there are always those who spend more time falling over than moving forward.’
    • ‘At Tootals School Sports Day in 1948, Pauline and Betty won the three-legged race.’
    • ‘Apparently the May Day party will feature a tug of war contest, a dog show and a three-legged race.’
    • ‘Some great bonding activities include cheering with your team, making up the cheers with your team and running a three-legged race with your entire team.’
    • ‘A lot of mothers and fathers will be missing items of clothing from the wardrobe as everything from socks to neckties were used for the tying in the three-legged race.’
    • ‘They all joined in the three-legged race and the egg toss.’
    • ‘Staff and students ‘dressed down’ for the day, bought raffle tickets, danced at a disco and joined in a three-legged race.’
    • ‘While some children thrive on competition, there is always a proportion who regard a three-legged race as public humiliation.’
    • ‘To and from school they'd walk so closely together they looked like they were in a three-legged race.’
    • ‘At first we have an arm around each other's waist, but it is awkward, like a three-legged race, so we break and just hold hands.’
    • ‘For her, motherhood was ‘like being in a three-legged race with a ball and chain on the legs’.’
    • ‘Youngsters will also be competing in a sports event on the day, which includes a sprint, three-legged race and an egg and spoon race.’
    • ‘We would like to crush any rumour right now that the only reason they are having a kid is so they can cheat at the parents' three-legged race at the school sports day.’